Articles for the Month of September 2013

Adventures in the North

Hi everyone!  We are really enjoying our new home in George Town and the friends we have made.  Here are a couple pictures from our recent adventures…





It had been a while since we’d taken the dogs bush walking so one weekday we spontaneously decided to go for a hike at Mount Direction, about 20 minutes from Launceston, with Levis, Rune and Isabella.  It was a beautiful sunny day and there were many new smells for the dogs to get their noses into.  Isabella proved she could be a good girl (most of the time) and was allowed walk off-lead once we were into the bush and well away from the road.  She stuck to the path and the boys did their best not to be jealous of her freedom.  Maybe one day…oh, who am I kidding!  








The pay off at the top of the mountain was an historic semaphore used in the early 1800’s and the remains of the caretakers building.  The rooms were tiny and the rock really held in the cold.  We all had fun climbing and exploring through the ruins and imagining what life would have been like in those early days of Tasmania’s settlement.







And this is my little Isabella, standing on a cairn at the top of Mount Direction; brave and adventurous as usual.
















On our next trip we took a little drive to Low Head to see the historic lighthouse and walk along East Beach.  I think East Beach will be our new local hangout as it is dog friendly, calm and just plain gorgeous.  Photos to come of East Beach soon but here are a couple from the Lighthouse and looking out over the Tamar River, where it meets Bass Strait.




Moving into Spring!



It has been a month since our last blog post; how time flies!  September has come and suddenly we have been blasted into Spring.  The weather has changed and is almost 20 degrees some days (a cool day in Queensland).

A couple of weeks ago we moved to a quiet seaside town called George Town, about 45 minutes from Launceston and lovely as can be.  The dogs are enjoying the warmer weather and the views they get from their new lounge room window.  We are right across from York Cove and a beautiful walking park that entertains many dogs and their owners every day.  Lots for the dogs to see, and me too – I love seeing all the different breeds having fun.

Here we are on the opposite side of the cove from our house on one of our daily walks.  We have even made friends with some of the residents and their dogs (Isabella even has a boyfriend named Hamish the Westie).  More to come over the coming weeks.