Tassie Play Dates.

Summer is here in the north of Tasmania.  We have all acclimatised to the weather and think 16 degrees is a lovely warm day.  Over the past few weeks we have been lucky enough to catch up with a couple Basenji friends for play dates in Launceston, and look forward to more fun times to come.

From back left we have Rune, Isabella & I, Etta, Levis & Neo.

November 17 saw us all meeting with Neo & Etta, and their lovely mum Michelle.  Levis had met Neo at a dog show once before, but the rest of the family was new for Rune and Isabella.  It was a hot day at Windsor Park, outside of Launceston…and when I say hot I of course now mean close to 20 degrees (what a softie!), and the five dogs had a good time running and exploring off-lead.  How wonderful to have found a handful of great fenced off-leash parks in and around Launceston, only half an hour from where we are living now.  Levis was his usual disinterested self, more inclined to sniff around the park than receive affection, and Rune decided to keep an eye on Neo to make sure he didn’t have too much unapproved fun.  The girls, Isabella and Etta spent most of their time together, with Etta determined to sit on Isabella to keep her still.  Thanks Michelle for bringing the dogs along for fun times!


On 9 December we had a great time meeting up with a gorgeous young tri Basenji named Tassie, and her owner Mags.  The duo, and Mags’ husband were tripping around Tasmania from Western Australia and were keen to meet other Basenjis along the way.  Tassie was bred by our friends Jenni & Richard Palmer and named “Tassie” by her new owners because that’s where she came from – Tassie!  Rune loved playing with her, although he had to learn how to play gentle with a girl since he is used to rough-housing with big ol’ Levis, but by the end of the day I think he was pretty smitten.  And Isabella, who never plays with other dogs at the dog park and is always stuck by my side simply adored getting rough and ready with Tassie.  Such a wonderful day!

Tassie & Rune running through the grass in Trevallyn.

Isabella & Tassie having a play.

Isabella & Tassie having a play.

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  1. Rob

    Chantel, a great little blog!
    This has helped me gain a greater appreciation of what these striking dogs are like in the real world. I hope to own one in the next 2.5 – 3 years. Continue to lap up your time with them

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