Adoption Basenjis

BBNA operate a National Basenji Rehoming program, which provides information on Basenjis available for adoption, people who are looking to adopt Basenjis, and people who are available to Foster Care.

Australian Rescue Co-ordinator: Ethel Blair EMAIL:
Twitter: Basenji adoption and rescue

If you have a Basenjis that you want to tell us about then please email the Australian Rescue Coordinator.
Download a BBNA Adoption Application and send to

BBNA accept donations from members and the general public who want to provide financial support to our rehoming and rescue activities for Basenjis. All money donated is deposited into our Basenji rescue and rehoming fund. If you want to donate please click on this button and you will be guided to a secure webpage so you can make your donation. Thank you.

Basenjis waiting for Adoption:

1 x desexed male, Tri colour, 18 months old, called Blake.
Click here to see more information on Blake

1 x Female desexed, Red and White colour, 11 Years old, called Rosie.
Click here to see more information on Rosie

1 x Female desexed, Tri colour, 8 Years old, Called Hermione.
Click here to see more information on Hermione

1 x Male desexed, Red and White 19 months old, called Tucker.
Click here to see more information on Tucker