Links to other Places

Here are links to other Basenjis clubs in Australia and overseas

Basenji Club of America
Basenji Club of Victoria – ANKC Affiliated Basenji Club
Basenji Club of New South Wales – ANKC Affiliated Basenji Club
Victorian Basenji Breed Association – Non-affiliated ANKC Basenji club
Basenji Club of Southeastern Wisconsin

Here are links to other organisations related to canine activities or products

Queensland Sighthound Association – ANKC affiliated club. Conformation and Lure Coursing
Pet Directory
The Basenji Magazine
Cesar’s Way
Jet Pets


Australian owners of kennel prefixes who are members of BBNA

Lomar,  Louise Marsden, Townsville, QLD
Remwin,  Lyn Hughes, Maitland, NSW
Langarni,  Jenni Palmer, Mountain River TAS
Redial,  Len Reddie, Kapunda, SA

Nikrus,  Nicole Verrall, Clermont, QLD
Glendawn,  Robyn Thompson, Gympie, QLD
Kimbuti,  Claire Warrell, Glasshouse, QLD
Hatari,  Bronwyn Noy, Beaudesert, QLD
Wuliango,  Ethel Blair, Brisbane, QLD Wuliango Basenjis Website
Bullalryll,  Cheryll Jenkins, Coomera, QLD
Nailah,  Christene Petersen, Mt Garnet, QLD

Overseas owners of kennel prefixes who are members of BBNA

HiCotn, CarolAnn Worsham, Cable, Ohio, USA
Bushy Run, Beverly Bland, Glendale, Arizona, USA

Links to other Basenji sites

Yulara Basenjis, Sweden Yulara Basenjis website
Fallohide Basenji and Pharaoh Hound, Pia Palmblad Wright, Denmark Pia Palmblad Wright website