Zande Pedigree Database

The purpose of this menu option is to provide forms for BBNA/BBNQ members (or anyone who comes across this link) to register their Basenjis with the Zande database. The Zande database was created around 1984 by Sally Wallis who since then has maintained her ongoing passion to be the Basenji breed historian. Here is a link to her story on the database: Background story on Zande Basenji database

Here is a link to the Zande database: Zande Pedigree Database

This database is a universal resource for all Basenji owners around the world as it provides information on Basenji lineage and health results. It is a great resource and everybody in the worldwide Basenji community should try to provide their Basenji details to Sally so she can keep it up to date for the benefit of all.

There are two forms available from this menu:
a) Litter registration notice. This form is used to record the details of a Kennel Club REGISTERED litter eg AKC, ANKC, KC, which can then be added to the database. Health results for Basenjis are not recorded using these forms as All health results are directly sent to Sally by the labs that run the tests as this ensures the integrity of health results recorded into the database.
b) Basenji registration details. This form can only register the details of one Kennel Club REGISTERED Basenji.

Once you click on the Submit button the data is emailed to Sally.

If you have any questions and/or suggestions then you can contact Sally at: or the General Secretary of BBNA at:

It is important to record our history as it echos our future.