Articles for the Month of January 2014

Wulliango Basenjis

The name Wuliango means little village dog in Lingala. Our breeding program s focused on health, conformance, and temperament and, is based on selecting Basenjis as breeding pairs who have close African gene lines. The foundation Basenjis in our Kennel are Avongara Akua who is a 1st generation African Basenji imported from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Kibushi Poppy of Yamboka aka PopStar who is a half African-US Basenjis. PopStar’s mother Luka was imported from DRC to US and comes under the well known African Prefix Avongara.

All our Basenji puppies are tested for Fanconi, Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA), and eye tests under the Australian Canine Eye Scheme, and leave for their new homes with all vaccinations complete.

Here some pictures of Kibushi PopStar (Imp USA) and Kibushi Nyanga Sweet Snapdragon (Imp USA) AM CH. Aust. CH.2013 litter.

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