Meeting the Directors

Meet the Directors of the BBNA Board

Ethel Blair Foundation Board Member and General Secretary

1bleEthel saw her first Basenjis in the book, The Unicorn Of Kilimanjaro over twenty years ago written by Robert Vavra. From that day on the Basenji set her on a path where she ran a Basenji Rescue service for 11 years that successfully re-homed many Basenjis in Australia. She has been fortunate to have shared her life with many Basenjis over the years and enjoys being a part of her current Basenji pack.

Ethel developed many friendships through her work with Basenjis, which led to the incorporation of BBNA and BBNQ. Her relationship with Basenjis also took her to Democratic of Republic of Congo (DRC) in 2011 where she got to experience Basenjis in their natural habitat. While she never intended to bring  home a Basenji from DRC, Ethel took the opportunity to export a Basenji puppy from DRC called Akua to Australia.  Ethel  has now started a breeding program to selectively integrate Akua’s genes into the Basenji pool in Australia and overseas.

While Ethel’s activities with Basenjis has been for many years as a companion owner of Basenjis, in 2012 she started exhibiting Basenjis and in 2013 established her prefix Wuliango with a foundation litter between Kibushi Poppy of Yamboka and Kubushi Nyanga Sweet Snapdragon.

Carol Benson Foundation Board Member and Media Officer

Carol Benson-appA retired Veterinary Nurse, Carol’s love affair with the Basenji started in 1979. She acquired her first Basenji in 1980 and has always shared her life with  Basenjis
Carol has been active in Basenji Rescue/Rehoming and as a Basenji Foster Carer. Realising that companion Basenji owners rarely meet she started the SE QLD Basenji Playgroup on the Gold Coast, and has expanded the concept to include Playgroups in Far North Qld, Brisbane, Tasmania and is hoping to start more Basenji Playgroups in other states of Australia.


Jenny Richmond Foundation Board Member and Chairperson (aka President)


Although Jenny does not own a Basenji she has had a long association with the breed through friends for many years, which has led her to get involved with fund raising activities for Basenjis.

She is keen to continue her involvement with the breed and actively help with the success of BBNA.

Jenny has held various office bearer positions on Body Corporate Committees over the past  decade or more, including Chairperson and ordinary committee member. Currently Jenny is an active member of Prius Club of Queensland, a not for profit car club, where she has held various committee positions.