Zarah, Desexed Female

Female Basenji. Desexed, vaccinated and microchipped. Located:Brisbane, Queensland. Zarah is 6.5 years old and loves human company. She is a friendly, playful girl that gets on with other male Basenjis and dogs, and also with children and teenagers. When Zarah is walking on a lead she can pull a bit, but largely she is a well mannered Basenji. Click here for more information on Zarah.

Zarah’s new family will need to have a secure 6ft fence in good condition that is made from Colourbond or wood palings. Idealy her new owners will have an understanding of the more challenging aspects of owning and loving a basenji, and also specfic Basenji characteristics. Click here to read a list of Basenji traits.

There is an adoption fee for Zarah and any additional transport fees are the responsibility of the adopter. Click here to download a Adoption Application and send to 7 32175943.