Ukraine Basenji Breeder Appeal

Basenji Breeders around the world are standing strong together to help Ukraine Breeders. Basenji Breed Network Queensland and Australia (BBNA/Q) is raising funds to provide support for one of the very first Basenji breeders in Ukraine. His hame is Oleg and I am sure he is a Facebook friend with many Basenji breeders around the world.

Oleg is living in Kyiv with 5 adult Basenjis and 4 puppies that were born in December 2021. He cannot leave Ukraine as all males between a certain age are required to stay, and he does not want to send his Basenjis to another country. He is also faced with the challenge that the everyday cost of living has skyrocketed and food and fresh water is becoming scarce. We urgently want to send some funds to Oleg and his Basenjis so he can buy and stockpile dog food and also get vet attention for the puppies.

Please donate to our appeal where you can to help Oleg and his 9 Basenjis.

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