Auction BBNA

The purpose of this auction is to raise money for the Adoption and rescue of Basenjis. Click on either links near the photo to see more details.

Some notes on bidding:
When you bid the system will send you an email. If you dont receive an email in your inbox within a few minutes following your bid, then you may have to look in your Spam box for the message. So depending on how you have trained your email system in regards to managing Spam, especially if your email system is Gmail, then you may have to tell your email system that this message is Not Spam.

If you find your auction message in Spam then please open the email and select the option “Not Spam”. Once you have done your first bid, the online auction system will keep you informed by sending you further emails on how other bids are progressing into your Inbox.

The final point on bidding is that we have open bids at $50.00,so the starting bid needs to be $50.00 or higher. All monies are in AUD.

Some notes on Shipping
There will be postage for this item on top of your final bid, so if you win the auction then please contact me and I will give you an official quote for postage / shipping using Australia Post. The painting is about 2-3kgs in weight and we can ship it interstate or overseas. If you are in the USA and you win the final bid, then please contact me and I will make arrangements early in 2019 to have it post to you from within the US. I will release the item once all monies (auction costs + shipping) have been receipted into the Basenji Breed Network Australia Welfare account.

In the case where you live in the greater Brisbane then we can make an arrangement for you to either pickup the item or I can drop it off to you. I can be personally contacted to discuss shipping at:

Good luck with your bidding and thankyou for participating!!!

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