Volunteer General

    General Volunteer Application for Basenji Rehoming-Rescue
    Volunteers must be 18 years and over

    This form is to be completed by people who are interested in assisting generally with Basenji rehoming and rescue activities, ie not fostering. If you want to foster then please go back to the menu and complete our Foster Application or select it from this link:

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    About You

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    How You Can Help - check as many options that apply
    Pickup and transport Basenjis eg from current home, airports, to vet etc: Yes
    Google pounds, websites & RSPCAs for Basenjis at least weekly Aust. wide: Yes
    Visit potential adoptees and complete BBNA Facilities Checklist: Yes
    Take Basenji to new home and assist with adoption and provide support afterwards: Yes

    Please tell us about any other skills you can contribute:
    eg dog training and evaluation, computer skills, graphics etc